why obasanjo is my favourite leader – Sunny Okonkwo

why obasanjo is my favourite leader – Sunny Okonkwo


Sunny Okonkwo is a man of many parts. Trained as an economist, Okonkwo is one of the very few enterprising individuals who are capable of turning their hands to anything. A strategist and fashion brand manager par excellence, Okonkwo who is also an astute filmmaker has equally distinguished himself as a public speaker of great repute. The Anambra State indigene shares his favourites with Sunday Sun.

 What is your favourite colour?

 I love blue colour, you can’t go wrong with white and blue anytime. It’s just my favourite and it connotes calmness and peace of the mind for me.

 Favourite fashion accessory?

 Pocket square, belts, bow tie

 What’s your favourite food?

  My favourite food of all is macaroni and cheese. My goodness, I melt each time it is made. My good friends know that I will not go pass macaroni and cheese at anytime especially when I get back in England.

What is your favourite music?

 I love Golden by Jill Scott, I played that song literally everyday when it came out and till date I still play it in my head and once in a week. It’s a well written and well composed song ever. I

 love Neo soul. This stands out for me and I love my Asa, especially fire on the Mountain and Jailer, lovely made in Naija song. Great sound with great lyrics

 What is your favourite sport?

 Lawn Tennis is my favorite sport of all time. Besides the fact that I play it most times, it is a major spectator sport especially the four grand slam tournaments, French, Australian, US open  and Wimbledon keep me excited annually. They are the most prestigious and I always look forward to these tournaments.  Playing tennis keeps me fit and mentally sharp. I make friends through tennis as it is a sport that brings like minds together.

 Favourite holiday spot?

 Madagascar, because of its scenery, sites, animal specie and the relaxed atmosphere. It’s an island with the most beautiful sights. It should be the largest island in Africa. I love the national parks like Isalo Park.

It has a unique environment good for creative mind. I love Paris too, French is sexy and I love the  lifestyle in Paris and the fashion shows, because I am so much into fashion, Paris is a destination for holiday as I enjoy the couture and high fashion sense in Paris and it’s an avenue to meet up with like minds.

 Favourite TV programme/movie?

 Hard talk on BBC and How to get away with murder series.

 Favourite weather?

 In Nigeria, harmattan and UK winter.

Favourite leader?

 I like Obama because of his charisma, leadership prowess and his intelligence. So far in Nigeria my favourite leader is Obasanjo.He is simply the kind of leader Nigeria needs.

He is not perfect but I like when a leader shows some level of leadership in terms of plans, structures, goals and actions.

Richard Branson is just my role model. I dream to achieve and have versatile mind like him. His range of business interests and how he keeps them all together is amazing. He makes you believe that you can be a person with multiple potential.

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