Nigerian entertainers: Why babies come before marriage

Weeks back, when the news of another paternity issue linking popular singer, Davido with a lady, who gave her name as Ayotomide Labinjo broke out, not many observers of happenings in the entertainment industry were taken aback. The reason for this may be connected with the fact that Davido, like many of his colleagues, may have been able to put the lyrics of their songs on the lips of many of their fans both home and abroad, signed mouth-watering endorsement deals that have put their careers on the map. One area of their lives that many people have continued to disagree with is their penchant for having babies outside wedlock.

While it is clear that wealthy celebrities have the one-two punch of being empowered by their success and fame, many of them have channelled it to allow them have a more sexual lifestyle. Stars of the silver screen, television and pop music are quite proficient at having a great volume of sex with more partners.

The sexual lifestyles of Nigerian entertainers are only better imagined. From actors to actresses, to musicians, the tradition is the same—forget the marriage, bring the babies.  An average entertainer does want to be tied down by anything, not even marriage. To some of them, marriage comes last, and to many of them, it is never an option. That is why you will hardly hear them talk about their marital lives. Anyone who attempts to ask them about it, should be ready to face the music. Only a few of them celebrate their spouses on social media platforms. Others simply stay away. The belief is that they chose to become a celebrity, not their partners.


The ‘baby papas’

For the men, when baby comes, they take the baby but tell the mum to stay out of the picture. The case of Davido and Sophia Momodu readily comes to mind here, after a protracted paternity case, one that put the Adeleke and the Momodu family in the media for the wrong reasons for weeks. At a time when many people thought the drama had ended, another one appears to have fully unfolded and it remains to be seen where this one is headed. But trust the OBO crooner, nothing stops him from doing his music. The baby can keep coming as long as the cash keeps flowing, there is enough financial muscle to flex. Hear him: “They can’t stop my shine. We keep making money; let them keep spreading the lies. We are too blessed.”


The ‘baby mamas’

The women are also not left out of this new club of fatherhood and motherhood without marriage. Nollywood screen diva, Genevieve Nnaji, had her first baby when she had not even clocked 20 years  and has remained single since. There may have been unconfirmed reports linking her with one man or the other in the last few years. In fact, at a point, she was said to be dating D’banj but, the relationship was said to have ended, when both parties realised marriage was not the best for them.

From Genevieve to Waje, the story continues. Waje is a proud mother of one. The singer has carved a niche for herself in the music industry as one of the most loved female singers. In her recent interview, the singer said she has never ruled out marriage and would consider one when she finally finds what she’s looking for in a man. Until then, the search continues. There is also the story of Sunmbo Adeoye, one of 2Face’s baby mamas. She has two boys for the artiste before they parted ways. Many had thought they would formalise their union but, that was not to be. Immediately 2Face got married to Annie, she announced that she was getting married to her pastor husband.


Taiwo Aromokun and her twins

Yoruba actress, Taiwo Aromokun, is still missing in action. She has not been seen on the screen for almost three years, following the arrival of her twins. While the father of the kids remains unknown to many people, Taiwo has been holidaying in the United Kingdom with her twins and she does not appear ready to walk down the aisle, so she could be described as a babymama.


In the male category, it is more babies, no marriage…

From the old generation of musicians, to the new, investigation by Sunday Tribune revealed that the issue of babymama has been an age-long affair. The music and the beat may have changed over the years but, the attitude and lifestyles of the practitioners remain the same. Women and music go hand in hand; there is no one without the other. This explains the deep connection that exists between musicians and women. While some people believe that women are the drive that musicians use to push their trade, others simply believe they are vulnerable. “When women are involved in your trade, your job goes round the world. Your music becomes popular. We can’t run away from women totally, because they make the world go round for musicians,” says Kcee.

In the words of Fuji icon, Wasiu Ayinde, there were quite a number of ladies, who came with babies during his heyday, but he could not turn them down. He went further: “I have never been married to any of the women in my life but, I love all my children,  because they are part of my life.”

His protégé, Pasuma, has more than five kids from three women. News came to town recently that the 50-year-old musician is planning to get married before the end of the year. Some of his fans have however brushed the idea aside, claiming that the Fuji star has too many women in his life hence it may be hard for him to settle down with one. The rumour has refused to go away and many observers are patiently waiting on the next move for Pasuma.

The hyper-sexualised lifestyle of celebrities has been linked with a number of factors, part of which is clearly related to all the opportunities they have to get their groove on. With fame and heavy bank accounts, starry-eyed fans are always eager to hook up with them, mostly in unusual places.

Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, 25, is already a proud father of two from two women. He welcomed his first child in 2011 with his baby mama. Recently, he was linked with another Tanzanian lady, who claimed to be carrying his second child. From the look of things, marriage does not seem to be on the cards for the Star Boy Records boss.


2face: His babies, his women

Save for his marriage to his long-time girlfriend, Innocent Idibia, who is widely known as 2Face was once described as the father of ‘many nations,’-no thanks to his sexual prowess that saw him father seven kids with three baby mamas. He would later shocked many people, when he announced three years ago that he was getting married to his long-time belle, Annie Macaulay, now Annie Idibia. The wedding took place in far away Dubai, to fend off ‘unwanted guests’ from causing what was then described as friction at the wedding that attracted many celebrities from within and outside the country. Their marriage has continued to blossom, as they celebrated their third year wedding anniversary last week.

For self-proclaimed musical Taliban, Oritsefemi, marriage may not be coming anytime soon, especially not with any of his two baby mamas. The singer came back into reckoning when he released his hit track, Double Wahala. His career since then has continued to look up but as much as claims to love his two kids, he has declared he would not be settling down with any of the mother of the children. “I have no plans whatsoever to marry any of the mothers of my children,” he said.

Timaya is another father of one, who prefers to remain a single parent for as long as he feels. For him, marriage will not happen anytime soon. And, going by his disposition to marriage discussions, the Port Harcourt-born singer wants to take care of his daughter and concentrate on his music career. Though, he doesn’t seem to have stopped loving the mother of his daughter, he’s in no hurry to tie the knot.

A popular Afro pop singer, in a ‘chat’ with Sunday Tribune, was asked if he planned to marry any of his baby mamas, his response was that “Yes, I have three babies from different women but, that does not mean I am not a responsible father. The truth of the matter is that the heart knows where it belongs. No matter the number of women you have in your life or baby mamas, as the media people like to say, when it is time for me to settle down, I will go for the woman after my heart. But for now, marriage is a no go area for me”, he said.


The PSquare brothers too…

Apart from their music exploits that have given them edge over some of their contemporaries in the music industry, Peter and Paul Okoye, also known as Psquare remain two of the most-celebrated artistes in Africa. They have both been married for a couple years now, but they both had kids before they got married to their baby mamas. Peter had two, while Paul had one and they are all living a happy life.


Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince not left out…

Ruby, a mother of one, is Jesse Jagz’s babymama. The talented rapper/singer is MI’s younger brother and the brothers have known Ruby since their childhood, as she is said to be very close to the Abaga family. The singer met the Abaga brothers back in Jos, Plateau State during their days in the church choir, where MI was the music director. Jagz and Ruby have a seven year-old daughter, Jade. Jagz, a proud and committed father, has often talked about his daughter in his songs, most especially on the song entitled This Jagged Life. They may not be dating anymore, but those close to them say they remain close friends and are jointly raising their daughter. Ice Prince Zamani is another father, who is not thinking about marriage. He had initially denied the paternity of the girl but later admitted in an interview to being the father. Ice Prince embraced his child and re-named him Jamal Zamani. In an interview, he explained that he earlier denied his son because things were complicated at the time.

“It was complicated back then, I didn’t really know what was happening and I wasn’t sure of certain things. So, the best I had to do then was to deny it and sort out things first. Now, I know he is my child and I have done everything as a father ever since,” he was quoted to have said in the interview.

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