Gov el-Rufai must maintain his stand on teachers

Gov el-Rufai must maintain his stand on teachers

el-rufai, teachersI read with admiration and support, the decision to sack incompetent teachers in Kaduna State.

Anyone who has ever come across these incompetent teachers in class will see the rot in the teaching profession. Indeed, many a time, only headteachers can understand their lesson notes.

We once had to use a class after an English Language teacher had just finished his lesson.

The lesson was on singular and plural nouns. Surpsiringly, the teacher wrote the plural of ‘man’ as mans and ‘woman’ as womans.

He also wrote sheeps and mangos.

More than 90 per cent of retired teachers would tell you that since they retired, the government has not paid their gratuities.

But how did we find ourselves in this mess? That is the pertinent question.

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I would have wanted Governor Nasir el-Rufai to scruitinise the certificates presented by the affected teachers in order to ascertain their authenticity.

Secondly, he should investigate the method of their recruitment.

Indeed, the channels through which teachers are being churned out as National Certificate in Education (NCE) and degree holders need to be probed.

Some universities have outreach centres which are just storerooms.

All these factors should be addressed.

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