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Chapman is a cocktail drink usually prepared for events. It’s a combination of orange juice, black currant cordial, grenadine sirop, soft drinks, bitters, and a cucumber slice to add flavour.

The quantity of ingredients you would use depends on the number of guests you want to serve. 

This can serve 30 guests


• 1.2L orange juice

.1.2L black currant cordial

•1/2 bottle grenadine sirop

•1 crate assorted soft drinks

•25L water


•5 cucumbers, sliced (for garnishing)


•Pour the orange juice, black currant cordial and grenadine sirop and give it a good mix.

•Then add soft drinks, water,  bitters, and mix them. Then set it aside and slice cucumbers.

•Serve drinks in tall glasses with lots of ice cubes in them, and drop one cucumber slice into each glass with a cocktail straw, and serve.

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